High potential women leaders and entrepreneurs will interact with a carefully selected group of women and men global leaders from private, public and non-profit sectors. This group will meet at regular intervals over the year to discuss key challenges for women leaders and innovative strategies and solutions. Each of the sessions will focus on key leadership topics and will be facilitated by business leaders, academic experts, executive coaches/trainers or subject matter experts. The sessions will be highly interactive with opportunities for participants to share insights, learn and support each other in their leadership journey. The diverse profiles of participants and mentors- from different sectors, regions and culture-in the program will provide a rich learning platform and widen their network. The program will provide exposure to contextual leadership experience of the regions/sectors.

In addition, 10 hours of mentoring will be provided to each participant by a senior global leader, woman or man, from another organization and culture. In the course of the year, participants will be trained as mentors and assigned a mentee for a period of one year. They will also be invited to one TalentNomics Annual Conference in India, at no charge.


  • Global leaders in modern organizations: challenges, opportunities, and how women can prepare for success.
  • Board positions in modern organizations: challenges, opportunities, and how women can prepare for success.
  • Sponsors and champions: why we need them and how to build an effective professional network.
  • Internal politics and the external political environment: navigating successfully
  • Cross- cultural competence and adaptive global mind set.
  • Rethinking time: the power of the multiplier and leveraging personal networks.
  • Gender- related expectations: building resilience to navigate cultural norms and complexity.

Skill Building:

  • Design thinking and innovation for success.
  • Negotiating for oneself.
  • Strategic intuition and thinking.
  • Executive Presence.
  • Anxiety and the Confidence Gap.

Upcoming Sessions:

CRUCIBOLD City: 6 sessions of 3 to 4 hours, one every alternate month

CRUCIBOLD Asia: 3 off site sessions in three different countries over 9 days.

Mentoring sessions

One hour every month for 10 months based on Mentor- Mentee availability

Participants should normally be in managerial roles, leading teams, with potential to grow to senior leadership within five to seven years.

 For locations, start dates and registration fees, please contact or contact +919560497896