Leadership for Sustainable Success : Dare to Care

Event Date: February 20th, 2018 ,Venue: Taj West End Bengaluru, Time: 08:00am-06:00pm

After two successful conferences on leadership, we will push the boundary forward with our third conference. In this conference, along with you and other national and international leaders, we will explore:?

What does “success” mean in the new world?

Till recently success of a leader was being defined based on the norms of an industrial era; contribution to
profitability, ROE, ROI etc. Longer term impact on the employees, community and society was not a major consideration. The world has evolved and is changing at a phenomenal rate. The digitization of manufacturing sector, the supremacy of service sector, connectivity and AI and technology advances etc. have and will further cause many disruptive changes. Large inflexible structures will give way to garage based units anywhere in the world. Ideas and invention will trump resource availability. Collaboration will replace competition. Specialization will become the order of the day. Understanding customer needs will be more important than knowing production constraints. Yet, there has been little change in the definition of “success” for individual leaders and organizations.?

What should then be the leadership traits that would lead to this wholesome success?

Are the current accepted leadership profiles adequate to lead for tomorrow? Women have struggled with the leadership traits that define “success” based on “masculine” behavior. Most of those who are seen as successful have done so against many odds or by cloning men. As more and more women are stepping into the workforce, how are they placed to lead in this new definition of success”? Is the workplace and society ready to give them equal opportunity to leverage their potential??

How do we build a pipeline of tomorrow’s “successful” leaders?

How do we leverage all available talent, especially the under-utilized women talent and the growing pool of Millennials? Millennials have little patience for hierarchy, top down decision making process and the lack of line of sight of their work to the purpose of the organization.They value learning over financial rewards. They have greater loyalty for companies offering solutions to specific social problems. Research shows that millennials want to work for leaders who can communicate how their work is tied to the mission, vision of the organization.
They value honesty, communication, approachability and being supportive, as traits of a good leader.
Since millennials and Gen Z will constitute more than 50% of the working population by 2020, its time we re-evaluate what kinds of leadership will engage the future workforce and be successful.

Conference Speakers

Other eminent speakers:

Ram K Mudholkar (President, DuPont South Asia), Farzana Chowdhury (MD & CEO, GreenDelta Insurance, Bangladesh), Reema Nanavathy (Director, SEWA), Anne Carin Mansson (Country HR Manager India, IKEA), Per Hornel (Director, IKEA), Suresh Tripathy (Vice President, HR, Tata Steel), Anita George (Executive Vice President, Growth Markets, CDPQ), Saurabh Srivastava (Serial Entrepreneur and Institution Builder), Ritvik Lukose (Co-Founder and CEO, Vahura), Ajit George (Director, Shanti Bhavan), Sean Griffin (Founder and CEO, GriffinWorks), Purnima Mohanty (Director Corporate Communication and CSR, DuPont), Neeru Abrol (Ex CMD, National Fertilizer Ltd), Asha Gupta (President, Asia Pacific, Tupperware), Jose Antonio Hoyos Castaneda (Project Coordinator, Vincent Ferrer Foundation), Mahesh Babu (CEO, IL&FS Environmental Infrastructure & Services Ltd.)

Conference Participants

TalentNomics will bring together 150 + men and women change-drivers who are looking to create a new generation of leaders. Leaders and opinion makers from different generations and sectors, and students who aspire for a different tomorrow, will participate in an open and provocative environment to discuss bold ideas about leadership that can leverage all talent to lead us to sustainable success.
Each participants will leave with:

  • Better understanding of what is “success” in the new world
  • New ideas about key traits for a successful leader of tomorrow
  • Innovative practices and thoughts on how to build a stronger pipeline of successful leaders
  • Wider network of contacts with leaders from different sectors