We would like to introduce you to the team that has worked round the clock showcasing a determined dedication to establish, run and lead TalentNomics India’s operations.

Ipsita Kathuria


Ipsita Kathuria is the founder and CEO of TalentNomics India and Principal of TalentNomics Inc. She has over 30 years of experience in Human Resource Management and has held leadership positions in public and private sector organizations in India. She worked with the International Monetary Fund for a decade in the areas of performance management, talent management, leadership development, succession management and diversity and inclusion.

Binoo Wadhwa

Chief Advisor

Binoo Wadhwa is an HR consultant and very passionate about women empowerment. She previously served as the Chief People Officer, for Yum! Restaurants International for the Indian Subcontinent till May, 2013. In her tenure Yum! was listed in “The top 50 Great places to work” and awarded the “Shell Helen Keller award” for enrolling specially abled teams into the workforce. Prior to joining Yum! Binoo worked with Sapient and Steria as their People Strategy Lead.

Barenya Nayak

Associate, TalentNomics India

Trupti Kulkarni

Lead Consultant, TalentNomics India


TalentNomics India would like to thank these brilliant women who voluntarily took time out from their busy schedules to support CRUCIBOLD South Asia because the issue is close to their hearts and this is what they are passionate about.

Juhee Sinha
Juhee is a NABET and SQA certified soft skill trainer and Personal brandConsultant . She has over 12 years of corporate experience in India, Middle East , Hong Kong and Tokyo. She has been fascinated by the power of image and the way people can use their personal brand to positively influence their own career. Having spent years observing, supporting and influencing people’s career paths , Juhee has witnessed how important the role of a professional image is in setting a person apart from the competition and projecting his/her unique selling points.
Juhee’s core competency includes training on Corporate Etiquette, Visual Appearance , Effective Communication .


TalentNomics India is grateful to these dedicated and passionate individuals who have taken that extra effort and walked that extra mile with us and for us to help make this world a more inclusive one for women.

Nikita Singla, Consultant

International Affairs

Paris, France

Rebecca Ross
Intern, TalentNomics India, Student at University at Virginia

Disha Tripathy,
Student at Shefield University