TalentNomics, India is an affiliate of TalentNomics Inc. which is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt private operating foundation in the US.

In line with TalentNomics’ vision, TalentNomics India is dedicated to growing the pool of women leaders in South Asia. It seeks to eliminate the gender gap at leadership levels. It believes that having more women in leadership positions has a very positive effect of enhancing female participation in the workforce.


TalentNomics India is led by Ipsita Kathuria, an HR and Talent Management professional, who started her career in public sector in India and rose to leadership positions in public and private sectors in India before moving to the International Monetary Fund in the US. She has extensive experience in performance management, talent management, succession management, leadership development, change management and diversity and inclusion.

TalentNomics India is governed by a Advisory Board and supported and guided by an Advisory Council

Organizational Structure