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This article is part of our series showcasing Leaders with Grit and Grace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who the world remembers as a U.S. Supreme Court justice and the second woman ever to be appointed to the position, was so much more. A judge, an academician, an author, an influencer, a mother – are just some […]

What does it take to build a just and equitable organisation ? – In conversation with Smita Mohanty, co-lead (Human Resources), Pradan

Smita Mohanty Co-Leads the Human Resource Development Unit at Professional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN). PRADAN is a Civil Society Organisation that focuses on grassroots development with disadvantaged communities, specifically women.  PRADAN has initiated exemplary diversity and inclusion policies, and they also recently conducted TalentNomics India’s Perception Survey of Employees to Understand How Women Friendly […]

The Power of Men as Allies for Advancing and Empowering Women

 “Visionary men have long been public champions and behind the scenes dealmakers for the cause of women’s inclusion. Today we need them more than ever.” – Ambassador Melanne Verveer The concept of “Men as Allies” has become a new “mantra” in gender diversity initiatives in corporate and societal contexts. The necessity of garnering the support […]

“Mentoring is a Way of Life” – Valuable Insights and Advice from our Mentor and Leadership Coach Cathy Cardona

Cathy Cardona has over 30 years of corporate human resources management and consulting experience, working in multi-cultural environments with global clients from over 188 countries at the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Inter-American Development Bank and the African Development Bank.  She has advised senior leaders of these organizations on a broad range of […]

“Mentorship is emotionally enriching and mentally stimulating” – Leadership Coach Radha Mukherji

Radha Mukherji is the Founder and CEO of Shero Consulting. She is a CFI certified CEO Coach and offers coaching and mentoring services to senior professionals and entrepreneurs to help transform effective managers to inspirational leaders. Radha has a special interest in coaching and mentoring women professionals to help them in turn, become role models […]

Mentoring is a two-way flow: Nikita Singla recalls her life-changing experience of becoming a mentor under CruciBOLD Ripple

A key part of TalentNomics India’s CruciBOLD program is giving forward, what we call CruciBOLD Ripple. The program is conducted in partnership with the Professional Language School run by VFF-RDT in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. In this module, high potential women leaders get to mentor a young professional from the RDT school. We spoke to Ripple participant Nikita […]

Moving from Success to Significance: Life and Leadership Lessons from
Shilpa Ajwani, CEO, unomantra

Shilpa Ajwani is the CEO of unomantra, a business consultancy that enables consumer-centric lifestyle businesses to grow faster. She is a seasoned social selling expert with a solid reputation for providing transformative leadership to MNCs like Tupperware, Oriflame and Vorwerk, which are leaders in the direct selling industry. With over two decades of experience in […]