Board Internship


South Asia

  • Understand Board Requirements
  • Appreciate Board Practices
  • Learn Board Skills
  • Get Exposure to Boards
  • Be An Under-Study
  • Assist A Board Member

Vision: Enhance Board diversity for better business results. Enable Boards in South Asia to have capable, credible, confident women Board members. Help implement the government and corporate guidelines on inclusion of women on Boards, including SEBI guidelines in India

Program Objectives:

  • To expose women leaders, both working in organizations and on career breaks, to Board policies, norms and practices to make them ready for Board positions across sectors; corporate, not for profit, academics etc.
  • To expand the pool of women who are Board ready.
  • To provide support to current women Board members who sit on multiple Boards.

Eligibility: High Potential Women in Public, Private, Not for Profit and Government, both working in organizations and those on career breaks

Commitment: 12 months

Disclaimer: While the program will prepare women for Board positions and will enhance their competitiveness and visibility for opportunities on Boards, it does not guarantee a Board position.

Program Structure:

  • Women Board members who want high potential professional women as intern for Board positions will express their requirements in terms of desired expertise, industry knowledge, hours of internship needed and duration of internship.
  • Board permission to get an intern will be sought by the Board member.
  • High potential women who aspire for Board positions will enroll in the program after getting permission from their organization, if they are employed.
  • All applicants will submit an application form and go through a screening and assessment process designed by TalentNomics.
  • Depending on the requirement of the Boards, an appropriate match will be facilitated.
  • Confidentiality agreement needs to be signed and enforced.
  • All selected candidates will need to go through a two-day Board appreciation program organized by TalentNomics.
  • The Board member will personally meet the intern at the start of the internship. Thereafter, they may meet as per need.
  • The Board member will attempt to introduce the intern to other Board members.
  • The Board member will attempt to get the intern attend one to two Board meetings during the year.
Responsibility of the Board Member Responsibility of the Board Intern
  • Clearly specify requirements in terms of expertise and knowledge
  • Get clearance from the Board
  • Get confidentiality agreement signed
  • Provide mentorship and advice
  • Explain the Board dynamics and expectations
  • If from another organization, or currently on career break, brief on the organization
  • Set out expectations for the duration of the internship and its industry
  • Guide on process to prepare Board papers and comments
  • Facilitate networking with other Board members
  • For currently working women, take permission from their organization
  • If internship is in another organization, understand the organization and industry
  • Understand the requirements of the Board member
  • Agree on time commitment with the Board member
  • Articulate up-front learning expectations from the internship
  • Assess own skills and expertise
  • Maintain strict confidentiality of the Board matters
  • Read all Board papers and prepare briefs
  • Brief and guide the Board member
  • Seek opportunities to attend

TalentNomics will facilitate the process of identifying internship needs and potential candidates. It will match the Board member with a suitable intern and deliver learning sessions to provide orientation and to bridge knowledge and skill gaps of the interns.

TalentNomics will maintain a data base of women graduates from the internship program for any future Board requirements in South Asia and globally where relevant. While TalentNomics does not guarantee a Board position, it will continue to provide visibility of alumni to opportunities on different kinds of Boards including through networking events.

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