Bold and Untold

Life and Leadership Lessons from Women who Dared to Dream

As the world changes, so should the places where we seek answers. In this book, we draw leadership lessons from rural women who dared to dream, who have achieved so much with so little. Discover the untold stories of unbelievable women like of Maya Patel, Munira Maya, Rama Devi and many others. Their journeys of grit with empathy, perseverance with collaboration, and innovation with resourcefulness are inspiring and exemplary lessons in leadership for us all from aspiring professionals to successful corporate leaders.

Maya patel - never say never

Believe in yourself and always be open to learning from others.  – P25

€œIf you maintain your dignity and faith in yourself, you will come out a winner.  – P28

€œContinuously enhance your skills and have the confidence to use them. – P29

Munira maya - Be the light

€œMunira was pushed to adapt her path to the one expected of her, but she did not give up on her dream for a better quality of life. P33

€œShe fought back the best way she could, by believing in herself and not surrendering to anyone’s opinion of her. P36

€œEmpower other women and protect their self esteem. P39

Rama devi - strong of spirit

€œShe understood that hers was going to be a different life, and that it would never be fair to compare it to what others had. Everyone has their own challenges. P43

€œThere was no shame in asking for help. Support doesn’t weaken you, it makes you stronger and sturdier, so that one day you can offer help as openly as you received it. P44

Nasrin rehman - born and bred a fighter

She refused to let her gender limit her potential, so she searched for a way to put her rare education and bright mind to work. €“P51

€œNasrin understood that when it comes to her career, she should make use of what she has ahead of her instead of harbouring regrets about what could have been. P56

Jyoti reddy - life through her lens

€œPrivilege is just a term that places one into a level of society. Though I am from a low-income family, my life has been rich. P60

€œYour circumstances do not have to define you. If you focus on your passion and your dreams at every opportunity you get, you can write your own story. P66

Prameela - Redefining disease

€œKnowing that giving up was not an option, she found a way to earn a living by packing seeds and selling them in markets. Prameela quickly went from living as a housewife of 15 years to seizing opportunities to live with security and dignity. P80

€œPrameela knows that those who understand pain the best are the ones who have endured it already. P82

Kailashkunvar Chauhan - breaking through boundaries

€œKailashkunvarben soon found that if you have a goal, even if that goal is self-sufficiency, support from others will help you on your way. P89

€œShe has shown by example that when a community values women and its economy includes them, everyone can reap the benefits. P94

€œFind others who will work with you. Small acts when multiplied by those around you can transform society. P95

Kalyani pandey - finding your lakshya

€œThe old Kalyani may have doubted herself and held herself back from a challenge, but the new Kalyani had determination and a goal. Through the P.A.C.E., Kalyani had developed the confidence she needed to take a chance and face this new role head- on. “ P100

€œEnvision what you want. Recognise that it will take time and hard work to get there, but it will be worth it. P105

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