Leading a World where Uncertainty is the only Certainty: Talent Agility 2025

TalentNomics India’s 2019 Conference in partnership with The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), New Delhi

TalentNomics India, in partnership with TiE, is delighted to announce its 4th conference in New Delhi, India.


TalentNomics India, an affiliate of TalentNomics Inc., has a vision to “re-imagine the leadership canvas of South Asia with equal representation of women.” The ambition of TalentNomics is to enlarge the pool of global leaders by creating an eco-system that provides women with equal opportunities. Accordingly, we have held conferences, organised leadership learning and mentoring programs both in the US and in India. The three India conferences ‘Empowering women for Sustainable Development’ (March 2016) and ‘Re-imagine Leadership for a World Unimagined’ (February, 2017), and ‘Leadership for Sustainable Success: Dare to care’ (February 2018) explored how men, women and organizations could collaborate to enlarge the pool of women leaders in a rapidly changing world.

In today’s world, the unexpected becomes real with technology playing both a constructive and disruptive role. Existing employment patterns are under threat, climate change will drive future migrations, right wing ideology is attempting to protect boundaries and resources, and the widening divide between haves and have-nots is raising doubts about the future of the capitalist model. Leadership of tomorrow thus faces a challenge far beyond what past and current leaders have handled. The cliché that uncertainty is the only thing certain has never been truer. Therefore our emerging young leaders will need to be agile to adapt, adopt, unlearn and learn for survival and success. Agility 2025 will redefine Agility!

Forewarned is forearmed. Are we building the talent that will successfully lead the world tomorrow? Are we exploring all available talent-men, women, urban, rural, differently abled and formally un-educated? Are we as parents, schools and universities changing how we bring up our children to be leverage the uncertainty and success as leaders of tomorrow? Do we even know?

The Conference is aimed around these questions and will also build on the previous conferences. It will delve deeper into understanding the job market, the talent needs, the talent gaps and the bridging mechanisms. TalentNomics believes each one of us has a role to play and unless we understand what is required of us, we will float into the new era quite unprepared to leverage the potential of our human resources.

This calls for new paradigms of leadership. That’s where we come in. The TalentNomics model for change is about these transformations – bringing together bold ideas, deep insights, and innovative actions to effectively leverage knowledge, technology and global networks with the goal of expanding the pool of successful women leaders for tomorrow.

The Conference Focus

After three successful conferences on leadership, we will push the frontier with our fourth conference. In this conference, along with you and other national and international leaders, we will explore:

  • How the new world will impact the future jobs for all and especially for women?
    We will explore the various parameters that will impact the world we live in; technology, geo-politics, climate change, ideologies, connectivity etc. All these will have a significant impact on the employment patterns and skills needed, both for men and women (Technology and Future of Jobs, McKinsey 2018). While climate change will force migrations in a big way, countries are tending towards closing their gates and protecting their labor market. Difference in access to internet is leaving the women behind. How will all these play out and what can we do to be better prepared?
  • What key leadership skills, competencies, traits will lead to success in this world of uncertainties?
    Though discussions on new kinds of leadership has been initiated, and many successful leaders are having to change, we are still generally rewarding leadership styles that worked best yesterday. Not enough recognition and acceptance is given to leadership traits that will succeed in the uncertain world. If uncertainty is the only certainty, then fast and inclusive decisions, quick actions, taking risks, rising fast after failing, unlearning quickly and adapting to new truths, innovating constantly, sharing to create mutual value, could help to succeed. Are we looking for these traits? If so, are we looking at the right places? Time has come to widen our net to search for the leaders of tomorrow. Women’s talent has been largely ignored in a patriarchal eco system- both in urban and rural areas. How suited are they for the new leadership role? Are we ready to give them equal opportunity to leverage their potential?
  • How do we build a pipeline of tomorrow’s “successful” leaders?
    How do we leverage all available talent, especially the under-utilized talent of women, the growing pool of millennials, both in urban and rural South Asia. 50% of our working population will be millennials and Gen Z by 2020, educated boys and girls, aspiring to make a difference in the world. They have greater loyalty for companies offering solutions to specific social problems. They value learning over financial rewards. Millennials have little patience for hierarchy, top down decision making process and the lack of line of sight of their work to the purpose of the organization. What changes do we need to make today to engage these millennials girls and boys as positive contributors to leverage change and be leaders of tomorrow?

Conference Participants

 TalentNomics India and TiE, New Delhi will bring together 150 + men and women change-drivers who are looking to reimagine the talent pool of leaders. Leaders and opinion makers from different generations and sectors, and students who aspire for a different tomorrow, will participate in an open and provocative environment to discuss bold ideas about leadership talent to lead successfully in an uncertain world. Each participants will leave with:

Better understanding the new world, its impact on future of jobs and future generations

Value of agility, adaptability and other key traits for a successful leader of tomorrow

Innovative and unconventional ways to build leadership pipeline to lead in an uncertain world

Wider network of contacts with leaders from different sectors