CruciBOLD India 2019: Session 1

17th Jan 2019


The session started with each participant introducing another cohort member and talking about their role models and the attributes of the role model they admire.

A short overview of Vision, Mission of TalentNomics India and the CruciBOLD program was shared.


Morning Session

Panel Topic: Global Leaders In Modern Organizations: opportunities, challenges and how women can prepare for success.


  • Sudha Pillai, former Secretary, GoI, Independent Director.
  • Pramath Raj Sinha, Entrepreneur, Media and Higher Education.
  • Nishi Vasudeva, Independent Director and Former Chairperson, HPCL.


  • Ipsita Kathuria, Founder & CEO, TalentNomics India

Session Notes:

Panelists shared their insights on what it means to be a leader today.

  • Leaders today need to learn and unlearn at a fast pace. They need to be aware of the constantly changing eco-political environment that could impact their business. Find time to gain knowledge.
  • Leading collaborations or getting others to collaborate is a huge leadership quality that makes people stand out.
  • People have become less tolerant and on the positive side of it, much more confident and want to be treated respectfully. There is zero tolerance for bad behavior in the industry. So, mutual respect is the most important thing to consider while imbibing leadership traits.

Pramath Sinha – “You’re as good as others in this fast changing world. All you need is self confidence”

  • If one has competence and ability to come to conclusion, which of course has to be solidly defensible, and has speed, he/she will zoom out in his/her own happiness and be a role model for others.
  • To become a Leader, women need to network more at every possible opportunity. Create Sponsors and Champions within the system and outside.
  • Become a Nurturing, Fulfilling leader. When you evolve you help others evolve in the organization. Understand the Maslow’s pyramid of needs within your team to motivate them towards the organizational goals.
  • To become Global leaders, first understand ones’ own culture, learn your roots and be more sensitive to understand others’ cultures and their roots.

Sudha Pillai – “Core values of humanity are what people look for at the end of the day. It is also important for a leader to develop the cross cultural understanding in the organization”


  • Leadership is not a position one aspires for as you begin, it is an outcome of a journey which is travelled with Confidence, Credibility and Diligence.
  • It’s all about ‘Managing People’, giving them opportunity, credit, confidence and motivation.
  • Do get inputs and feedback, as a leader, one should develop the art of receiving feedback, the ability to discern what needs to be acted upon, and develop a thick skin and not be unduly sensitive and maintain equanimity at all times.

Nishi Vasudeva – “Just be yourself, don’t want to be treated differently and don’t allow anyone to treat you differently”



Afternoon Session:

Topic: Navigating Politics by Nirmala Menon, Founder and CEO, Interweave Consulting

  • Women hesitate to get involved in work related politics because:
  • It seems like breaking rules
  • They are not there in a critical mass to drive the politics agenda
  • They are apologetic to use their Power
  • They are hesitant to make a point and often begin with: “ I f feel…., In my opinion….., I am sorry….”

“Politics is an essential requirement of a Leadership role. To be in the game, be part of the game”

Internal politics is about understanding your environment and developing your skills to influence it.

Evening Session:

Topic: What is Personal Branding by Anouk Papers

  • How do you define Personal Branding? It’s Good performance properly branded.
  • Passion and Determination
  • The whole gamut of Communication
  • Intelligence and Competence
  • Courage and Confidence( Take a Position, Have a point of view)
  • A personal style of work
  • Connections creates networks
  • Match your offline and online reputation/image