CruciBOLD India 2019: Session 2

18th Jan, 2019

Morning Session:

Topic: Building your Personal Brand and Navigating Gendered Expectation


  • Dilip Cherian, Founder, Perfect Relations
  • Radha Mukherji, Leadership Coach, former CEO-DDB, Oman
  • Shilpa Ajwani, Managing Director, Tupperware India

Moderator: Binoo Wadhwa, COO, TalentNomics India

Session Notes:

Dilip Cherian -” My idea of personal branding is not only what people say when you are not in the room, it’s also what people whisper when you walk into the room”

  • Nowadays, we live in a post truth world where actually truth is very often hidden from most of the people and almost often hidden from you. So, you need to think about this while building your own personal brand.
  • Deploying Social Media: Self projection done mindfully.
  • Figure out how much influence you have over others during the process of building your brand.
  • Two things which are not in your control: how people react to you and who is there to compete with you. There is an enemy always. Recognize them while you build your personal brand.

Radha Mukherji – “Admire role models, absorb the qualities but don’t try to clone them because there is enough within you. Tap into your unique self”

  • Don’t Copy- Bring out what is unique in you- “The Uniquely Me”
  • Be yourself- be humane. Carry people with you. Be sincere
  • Be ready to absorb influences and influence others.
  • Analyze what part of the job you love and what you don’t love. Rediscover yourself again and again.
  • Importance of aligning offline and online image because every action speaks.

Shilpa Ajwani – “Personal branding is a journey from Unconscious incompetence to Conscious incompetence to conscious competence to unconscious competence.” 

  • Clarity on who you are. Be you because everyone else is taken.
  • Read every book you can, get mentors and keep moving on the path of self discovery to become really confident.
  • Be aware of what you put out there. If you don’t take care of branding yourself, someone else will brand you. Be purposeful and intentional in choices you make.
  • Convert your contacts into connections to achieve your goals.
  • A certain level of discipline is needed to achieve your brand too.
  • Come across with Head(thoughts) , Heart ( feelings) and Hands (action)

Table Discussions:

Each of the three panellist spent 15 minutes at each of the three tables answering specific questions raised by the participants relating to brand building.


Individual Branding Exercise:

Participants were asked to write one or two words that described their brand on a piece of paper and hide. Other participants then wrote their impression of their cohort members and passed it on to them.

A few participants volunteered to share the difference/similarity of what they thought as their brand and how other perceived them. It was brought out that we are consciously or unconsciously always building our brand. Its better to build it in sync with what we aspire for, rooted in authenticity.


Ipsita Kathuria elaborated on TalentNomics mentoring program and the roles and responsibilities of both mentors and mentees.