CruciBOLD Mentoring

A Platform for you to Learn and Grow

The TalentNomics Global Mentoring Program connects talented rising women leaders (mentees) from across the world with seasoned male and female executives (mentors) to engage in developmental, informal one-on-one conversations. Mentors are assigned based on the needs of the mentees and are from a different organization and culture. Your Crucibold Membership will include up to 6-8 hours of mentoring over the year.

AS A MENTEE, you will be able to:

  • Obtain advice to create your vision for work and life
  • Learn options for navigating challenging situations
  • Receive guidance on how to develop a presence and increase your professional visibility and credibility
  • Gain access to a wider network to expand your knowledge and skills
  • Discover new perspectives on how to develop career enriching competencies
  • Increase your cross-cultural effectiveness and impact

The program will be mentee driven. Mentees will reflect on and share their developmental objectives with their mentors in the first couple of sessions. However, the mentee may at any time, seek advices on other issues of concern for them.

Mentees/mentors may discuss topics such as how to:

  • Manage in all directions- relationships with bosses, peers and subordinates
  • Influence the strategic agenda
  • Deal with setbacks and learn from mistakes
  • Play to one’€™s strengths and develop capabilities one needs to succeed
  • Decide when to lead and when to follow
  • Optimize work-life balance
  • Create a support system to sustain self and others for the long run
  • Prepare for job interviews and negotiations
  • Communicate and negotiate across cultures
  • Build a diverse and broader professional network

The mentor-mentee relationship will be confidential. TalentNomics team will facilitate the mentor-mentee match, train both individuals, and be available for feedback at any time during the year. A formal evaluation of the mentoring program will be conducted after 6 months and at the end of the mentoring year.

Crucibold Ripple

After 6 to 8 months from the start of the mentoring relationship, each participant of Crucibold based on their interest, will be matched with a mentee- a younger professional woman, a woman entrepreneur, a young college student, preferably from another culture. Crucibold participants will mentor the assigned mentee for a period of one year. This will further enhance leadership skills of the Crucibold Participants while creating a ripple effect !