CruciBOLD YFLO Delhi: Session 5&6 Notes

Discussion Session:

The discussion was on- “Digital Marketing to grow your Business” by Ms. Suchi Gupta, Creative Director and Founder, Pure Designs Solutions.

Please refer to the presentation attached in our mail, for key highlights of the session.

“Inspiring Story of an Entrepreneur” by Ms. Divya Tongya:

This was followed by an interactive session with Ms. Divya Tongya, an entrepreneur, investor and business leader, who share her journey as an entrepreneur with the cohort.

Key highlights of the session were:

  • First accept the existence of gendered expectations, and then own the confidence to strategically navigate through them.
  • To keep better focused, put a structure to your work and day, as you once did when you were a student and carve out a separate space to work out of.
  • Demonstrate your commitment where there is the amicability to hear you out. And where there is not, support your passion independently, step out of your comfort zone and keep determined.
  • Work and family spaces can be taken care of parallel – make it possible by simultaneously respecting your work as well as the opinions of your family. Do your bit for your family too by stepping in whenever you are needed.
  • Invest in quality over quantity when it comes to spending time with your family.
  • There is always a time to step in and take charge of things and a time to relinquish authority and allow others to own the responsibility – What makes the difference is knowing when to hold on and when to let go.

Divya’s three key takeaways were:

  1. Build a strong team to help your grow your business
  2. Never allow yourself to being in failure as a viable option.
  3. Invest generously in yourself and your support-system.

This was followed by the cohort dispersing for a networking lunch.

Discussion on “Three key takeaways for scaling up and commitments to self”:

Each participant shared her key takeaways from her journey with CruciBOLD and her commitments to self.

Collectively, the cohort committed to:

  1. Keep in touch with their peers.
  2. Put out their goals and check in with each other on progress made.
  3. Empower each other.

Ritvik Lukose, CEO of Vahura and a mentor to CruciBOLD YFLO Delhi, couldn’t join us on the 6th of March in lieu of other commitments, but has asked us to congratulate the graduating cohort and share with the cohort, his three key points for taking off / scaling:

  1. Start and keep course correcting.

No business plan is perfect. Keep the customer as your north star, listen for what they are saying and what’s working. Be agile in trying new things and replicate what works.

  1. Learn from other people’s success and mistakes

Do your research on models in your sector that have worked and failed in India and other markets. Learn from them.

  1. Invest in your people and yourself

Your venture is only as good as your best people. Your best people, will only be as good as you. Take the time and effort to recruit properly, remunerate well and treat your people, like you would like to be treated.