A Holistic Leadership Development Program for Women

CruciBold is a 12-month, holistic leadership learning initiative designed specifically for senior women aspiring to take on leadership roles in their organisations.

The program follows the 4Cs approach and focusses on enhancing of the Capability, Confidence, Credibility & Connection of the participants to take on global leadership roles.

We invite companies to nominate high potential, mid-to-senior level women colleagues (two to three steps below CXO level) to join the path-breaking leadership and mentoring program and interact with a handpicked group of global leaders from private, public and non-profit sectors.

The cohort of a maximum 25 senior women, over the course of one year, will have the opportunity to engage with over 25 global leaders and hold insightful discussions on different aspects of leveraging their leadership potential. As part of the program, they will be guided through one-on-one mentoring by a TalentNomics India assigned mentor. In addition, they will also learn from each other.

Through this program, participants also have the opportunity to give back and develop junior or young professionals to become leaders of tomorrow. We believe that this model of moving outside one’s comfort zone by training someone from a different organisation or a different cultural background, is a vital step in Leadership training.

Organizations like Yes Bank, Wipro, Tata Steel, IL&FS, WNS have nominated participants to our previous cohorts. We received excellent feedback. Most participants showed significant growth over the course of the year. Some said it was a life changing experience and others said it was by far the best leadership program they had undergone.

Objectives of the Program

  • Facilitate greater engagement of women in the organization
  • Support women to reach their full potential
  • Build a robust pipeline of women for senior/leadership positions
  • Build more role models in the organization to inspire young women professionals

*Each program is designed exclusively for the cohort, and tailored to suit their needs, after conducting a survey on their strengths and weaknesses.

Program Structure:

The program includes face to face sessions and webinars, one-on-one mentoring sessions with a senior global leader and opportunity to be invited to Talentnomics India’s Annual Diversity Conference. The mentoring sessions, facilitated by technology, will be highly interactive with opportunities for participants to share insights, perspectives and learn from each other.

CruciBold Ripple: Giving forward and Learning to be a Leader

This intervention is designed to encourage participants to “Give Forward” and help expand the pool of future women leaders by creating a ripple effect. CRUCIBOLD participants will themselves mentor at least one young, female professional, in collaboration with TalentNomics and alums. The mentoring will focus on building the leadership capability of the mentee and empower her by enhancing her confidence, capabilities, and connections to succeed in her chosen path. TalentNomics will facilitate the matching of mentors with mentees across cultures and train both.

Program Fees for all 3 Modules

For nominations from organizations: INR 1,25,000 + Taxes

For self-nominations: INR 60,000 + Taxes (Seats limited to 4)

(Fees are inclusive of accommodation for two nights and excludes travel)

Insights from sessions in our previous cohorts
Testimonials and Impact

TalentNomics CruciBOLD is a novel idea towards women development. The format allows interaction and introspection – the two most important components in the journey of development, whether professional or personal.
Sudakshina Bhattacharya,
Executive Vice President,
IL&FS Financial Services
Crucibild India 2017- 2018

TalentNomics has been able to get us to think beyond our comfort zone. It has honed our skills and the confidence it has enthused is amazing.
Nisha Chopra De, Regional Head & GEVP, Yes Bank Pvt. Ltd.
Crucibild India 2017- 2018

Interpersonal networking and suggestions during the sessions were beneficial. As an Indian woman- I feel that I am humble to an unwanted degree, I plan to consciously build my brand. I would like to start a board of Advisors for talented women at HPCL as well as outside. DISC helped me in recognizing my strengths and areas that needed improvement. I would be implementing some negotiation strategies with my team.
Rama Gummalla (HPCL)
Crucibold Global Cohort of 2016-2017

The CruriBOLD program organised by YFlo and TalentNomics was a journey for me. I realized my skills and got help to forge a path forward to capitalize on them. Aanchal, Ipsita and Binoo brought in incredible speakers and curated the entire course very well! Each session was dedicated to relevant topics such as GST, accounting, marketing etc to increase our knowledge and engage in sincere discussions. Thanks Aanchal for taking the initiative to plan and organizing the program.
Yashna Dham, Inde Gene
CruciBOLD Delhi Entrepreneur Cohort (2017-18)

I’ll be forever grateful to my organization for giving me the opportunity to experience the CruciBold DC. I got the chance to meet wonderful women from other sister organizations who are also facing the same challenges I deal with on a daily basis.
I also consider CruciBold an amazing support group composed by very seasoned professionals that are generous enough to share their valuable advice with every CruciBold member. I’m honored to be part of this CruciBold Community and I’m committed to pay it forward and to spread the word about this powerful movement to support women leadership. THANK YOU!!!!
Patricia Arenas (IADB)
Crucibold DC Cohort of 2015-2016

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