Research And Industry Studies

  • Case Studies through Partnership: TalentNomics India aims to partner with at least 5 organizations (across South Asia) in five years to create case studies to show case pathway to gender parity. These results would be formally published by TalentNomics, India in partnership with the said organizations.
  • Perception Survey: In collaboration with Vedica Scholars who are trying to develop a Family Friendly City Index, TalentNomics India aims at assessing the perception aboutwomen friendliness in these target cities and their organizations. This survey would be conducted annually with gradually scaling up from Tier 1 cities in India to Tier 2 cities in India to capital cities across South Asia.
  • Gender Based Maturity Index: TalentNomics India proposes to use the Gender Based Maturity Index developed by TalentNomics Inc. for organizations which would help them assess their internal gender based diversity situation. TalentNomics seeks to partner with organizations to create more awareness of internal policies, practices and structures, so that the organizations could take steps to bring structural gender parity.