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We are keen on conducting meaningful research into issues related to economic advancement of women and building a strong Thought Leadership in this area.

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Have India’s workplaces evolved enough to accommodate the interests of female employees and leverage the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce?

To answer that question, Talentnomics, ICRIER and Ellenomics partnered to undertake a countrywide perception survey of working women and men, to find out how women friendly are India’s workplaces.

This was a first-of-its kind endeavour to gather feedback and opinion from employees, to supplement the more widely available data provided by employers regarding initiatives they have taken to support women in their organisations.

While the study is still ongoing and will cover feedback of at least 50,000 respondents, the results of our pilot study already gave big clues to the “women in the workplace” challenge –

Invisible biases haunt Indian working women in every industry (even in education, academia, fashion, social work) and every sector (Private sector, Government departments, NGOs, PSUs)

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