WeLeAP 2019

All the participants I spoke to had great learnings and experiences with the various mentors. So thank you indeed for your wholehearted support

Archana Subramanya, EVP & Head, Global Regulatory Platforms & Delivery Centers at Poland, India, Egypt & Mexico, Global R&D, GlaxoSmithKlineWeLeAP 2019, Project Sponsor

Thank you so much TalentNomics India for such a great program and GSK for the nomination. It has truly helped me broaden my thought process.

Renjana Prasannan, Manager - Programming, GlaxoSmithKlineWeLeAP 2019

CruciBOLD India 2019

Excellent program for women leaders aspiring to achieve their purpose in life.

Dr Nivedita Telang, Head Medical Affairs, GSK PharmaceuticalsCruciBOLD India 2019

Excellent – I personally feel that it was an extremely enriching experience for me.

Pallavi Vatsa, Head-Human Resources, TCNS ClothingCruciBOLD India 2019

CruciBOLD India 2017-18

Success in life: Change, Responsibility, Updated on latest happenings, Content/Knowledge to Build your brand, Integrity, Believe in yourself, Outcome shows it all, Listening, Delegating and discovering yourself.

Ashwini Naik, President, Yes Bank Pvt. Ltd.CruciBOLD India 2017- 2018

An eye-opener! A mirror that lets you introspect and identify areas of improvement and get useful and experienced inputs on how to handle these areas in the best tried and tested method. It is a living proof of successful women who have gone through the same hardships and emerged winners: extremely inspiring! A beam of hope and encouragement!

Michelle Dias, General Manager, WNS Global ServicesCruciBOLD India 2017- 2018

TalentNomics has been able to get us to think beyond our comfort zone. It has honed our skills and the confidence it has enthused is amazing.

Nisha Chopra De, Regional Head & GEVP, Yes Bank Pvt. Ltd.CruciBOLD India 2017- 2018

This program deals with day to day issues which women leaders face in personal and professional roles in a practical manner. Mentoring is a key component of the program. With one-to-one sessions with a mentor, the program effectively brings about a visible and measurable change in the participants.

Dr. Seema Kochhar, regional Director, Dr. Lal Path LabsCruciBOLD India 2017- 2018

CruciBOLD lives upto its name: It’s made me ‘bold’ and prepared me to ‘Cruise’ ahead in career, all while improving my emotional well-being. Very realistic, practical tips gained. Wonderful mentoring experience.

Kiran Chabbra, Vice President Engineering, Infoedge India Ltd. CruciBOLD India 2017- 2018

This is a great initiative that India needs. Corporate India could leverage it!

Sanchayita B Mahadik, Vice President/general Manger, WNS Global ServicesCruciBOLD India 2017- 2018

This program has transformed me both personally and professionally – I do see a new me now! This journey made me more confident. While my organization valued me as a professional always, I can now see that value increasing manifold.

Shiny Rajan, General Manager - HR, Sopra SteriaCruciBOLD India 2017- 2018

Listening to so many esteemed senior professionals speak about their journey, impart the gems that they have learnt along the way, has been a real learning. Each of the sessions have been curated keeping in mind the developmental milestones that each of us have to negotiate during both our professional and personal journeys! Kudos to TalentNomics India for the vision and commitment!

Shweta Rao, Head, Vahura OnBoardCruciBOLD India 2017- 2018

Much needed platform for women professionals, to air their challenges, discuss and move on to overcoming them. To deal with a male dominated system more effectively and come out a winner. To encourage many more women to get onto this journey. To move away from competition to collaboration. And to have men truly and genuinely respect women.

Smita Agarwal, Head Education, Tata SteelCruciBOLD India 2017- 2018

TalentNomics CruciBOLD is a novel idea towards women development. The format allows interaction and introspection – the two most important components in the journey of development, whether professional or personal.

Sudakshina Bhattacharya, Executive Vice President, IL&FS Financial ServicesCruciBOLD India 2017- 2018

CruciBOLD Delhi 2017-18

The CruriBOLD program organised by YFlo and TalentNomics was a journey for me. I realized my skills and got help to forge a path forward to capitalize on them. Aanchal, Ipsita and Binoo brought in incredible speakers and curated the entire course very well! Each session was dedicated to relevant topics such as GST, accounting, marketing etc to increase our knowledge and engage in – sincere discussions. Thanks Aanchal for taking the initiative to plan and organizing the program.

Yashna Dham, Inde GeneCruciBOLD Delhi Entrepreneur Cohort (2017-18)

The CruciBOLD Experience has been important in broadening my vision and has been a step ahead towards achieving success. The self branding and Johari window seminar, was insightful and focused on self awareness and importance of understanding who you are as a person and what you want to achieve.

The goal setting session empowered me with tools for business planning and setting smart goals and was an eye opener as it made us realize that setting goals are not only important but also fairly easy if you think through.

Through the mentorship program we were able to address individual concerns and strategise our progress.

Above all the support system that we have built through sharing with each other and specially through the compassion and resourcefulness of our facilitators have been commendable and has made me realize that we all go through similar problems.

Lastly the words that stuck with me were, ‘€˜Failing or quitting is never an option’, you need to keep on your track with assiduity and tenacity of purpose.

CruciBOLD has revived my energy and allowed me to define my own success parameters.

Manvee Bansal, Eduabroad Consulting CruciBOLD Delhi Entrepreneur Cohort (2017-18)

TalentNomics mentorship program has been a great journey of learning and meeting like minded women! We often talk about empowerment but during this course I actually learnt the meaning of it. The support, encouragement and guidance has been truly remarkable. I would like to thank aanchal and YFlo for organising and making me a part of this journey!

Thank you

Megha Sanghai Gupta, TUmultCruciBOLD Delhi Entrepreneur Cohort (2017-18)

CruciBOLD Global

I had the opportunity to participate in the first cohort of the CruciBold DC in 2015. This experience has been by far one of the most enriching I’ve had in my professional career.

The program design is well-thought out, keeping in mind the work/life integration that we all look for. This 12 month program offers a great combination of dynamic discussions in an intimate and comfortable setting, networking with other participants who are facing the same organizational challenges, and conversations with guest speakers who genuinely shared Words of Wisdom about their own leadership journey, mentoring and local and global events and conferences.

A very valuable aspect was the unparalleled personal approach from TalentNomics staff and Directors who made of this program a one-of-a-kind training option.

The CruciBold DC exceeded my expectations! I have enthusiastically recommended it to colleagues both within and outside my organization.

Forever grateful!

Patricia Carmen (Inter American Development Bank)CruciBOLD DC 2015

The sessions were interactive and intense. Feeling empowered, as an outcome of such overwhelming interpersonal interaction.

Francesca Properzii(ISS)CruciBOLD Global Cohort of 2016- 2017

Interpersonal networking and suggestions during the sessions were beneficial. As an Indian woman- I feel that I am humble to an unwanted degree, I plan to consciously build my brand. I would like to start a board of Advisors for talented women at HPCL as well as outside. DISC helped me in recognizing my strengths and areas that needed improvement. I would be implementing some negotiation strategies with my team.

Rama Gummalla (HPCL)CruciBOLD Global Cohort of 2016-2017

I’ll  be  forever grateful to my  organization for giving me the opportunity to experience the CruciBold DC. I got the chance to meet wonderful  women from other sister organizations who are also facing the same challenges I deal with on a daily basis.

I also consider CruciBold an amazing support group composed by very seasoned professionals that are generous enough to share their valuable advice with every CruciBold member. I’m honored to be part of this CruciBold Community and I’m committed to pay it forward and to spread the word about this powerful movement to support women leadership.  THANK YOU!!!!

Patricia Arenas (IADB)CruciBOLD DC Cohort of 2015-2016

CruciBold DC program had strong lessons to offer to me as a new manager/leader. The warm and welcoming ambience provided a sense of trust and induced a very high level of interaction. The experts had great communication skills while at the same time being very open to alternative approaches to issues. The strongest appeal was the nature of the sessions – interactive and open rather than instructional or didactic – and the learning was pretty organic within the group setting. The one-on-one discussions with others in the cohort also helped me recognize the universality of the challenges and opportunities we face, and I learnt from the discussions with both, the experts and the other cohort-members, in how to embrace leadership and improve continually. I would recommend the program to all emerging leaders and managers.

Rupa Duttagupta (IMF)CruciBOLD DC cohort of 2015-2016

Conference 2016

The TalentNomics Conference experience is one of the best conferences I ever attended.  The logistics were excellent from the reception at airport, accommodation in the symbolic environmentally sustainable complex, on-time start of all the sessions, including the opening session and the agreeable conference venue with high quality food and beverages.

But it was the profile of attendants that made it very special.  To get a Cabinet Minister at the opening recounting his positive experiences of inclusive talent usage and committing to even more vigorous transformation of the energy sector to unleash the energies of women and poor people, was remarkable.  The audience profile was also an amazing testament to inclusion.  We had great local and international professionals as well as practitioners in education ands civil society who brought young women I to the room as active participants in the conference.  There was also a significant level of participation by men in key positions in the private sector and civil society who brought valuable insights as men in the discussions, including the need to have even more men to help refocus their views on the value of gender equality as a business and national development imperative.  This profile of participants  was essential to the exceptional success of the conference.  Credit must also go to the organisers for their choice of speakers, facilitators of panels and selection of themes.  It all came together in an inspirational way.

I left the conference inspired to bring the idea of TalentNomics to my country and continent to enable us to escape the inertia of under-performance of our economy and social development.  It was a privilege to connect with such powerful inspirational women and men.

Dr. Mamphela Ramphele

Keynote Speaker, TalentNomics & ICRIER Conference on Empowering Women for Sustainable Development, 2016.