Together We Will Uncover

Who are we?
The pretty, the weaklings, the brides
The maids, the unwanted flies
Unable to work
Unable to earn
The good-for-nothing shortcoming, female

Who really are we?
Under the layers of stereotypical blankets
Under the layers of scathing wrapping

We are strong.
The preservers of the human race
The independent, unconventional beings with the ability to change the world
The amazing leaders and determined existences
We must uncover ourselves,
Unwrap ourselves,
Shed all the stereotypical blankets and wrapping
And defy the beliefs of society,
Creating an overdue change so impactful,
That it’s resonance sustains past the shoreline, FOREVER.
We must show the world that we are no less, if not more than a man
And we must do this TOGETHER.
By: Shivi Anand.

About Shivi Anand: Shivi is a twelve year old student of seventh grade at Pathways School Gurgaon.

She is a sincere student and a sensitive, empathetic, kind and helpful human being to her family, friends and everyone else alike.

She is a natural leader and is a member of the student council at school. She loves swimming and music and is a national level swimmer. She represented Haryana at the National School Games, 2016.

She is passionate about issues that affect humanity and environment. She wants to be a change maker in the society as an environmental specialist and aspires to represent India in the Olympics in swimming.

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